Behaviour Analysis | Mindfulness | Interpersonal Effectiveness | Emotion Regulation | Distress Tolerance

Mindfulness Skills Training​

During the 12 weeks we work through the three primary states of mind namely “reasonable mind” (intellectual, rational and logical), “emotional mind” (amplified by changing energies) and “wise mind” (intuitive, doing and being) and you will learn how to nagivate difficult situatuions and keep a positive mindset.

Online Private Training (12 weeks)

Wk 1:  Orientation Goals (Wise Mind)
Wk 2:  Mindfulness (What) Skills
Wk 3:  Mindfulness (How) Skills
Wk 4-5:  Spiritual Mindfulness
Wk 6-7:  Mindful Meditation
Wk 8:  Reality Acceptance
Wk 9:  Willingness
Wk 10:  Mindful Action
Wk 11:  Middle Path
Wk 12:  Private 1:1 Sessio

Investment (AUD $600 upfront  OR  $65pw payment plan)

DBT Skills Training

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) identifies and changes negative thinking patterns and pushes for positive behavioral changes by teaching you how to cope with distress, and change unhealthy behaviors. This program is a two stage process firstly covering Beahviour Analysis then developing skills in Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation and Distress Tolerance.

Online Private Training (24 weeks)

Wk 1:  Orientation (Goals & Guidelines) + Wise Mind “What” skills
Wk 2:  Wise Mind “How” skills
Wk 3:  Crisis Survival
Wk 4:  TIP skills
Wk 5:  Distracting + Self-soothing + Improving the moment
Wk 6:  Reality Acceptance
Wk 7:  Willingness
Wk 8:  Mindfulness of Thoughts

Wk 9-10:  Break
Wk 11:  Understanding + Labeling Emotions
Wk 12:  Checking the Facts
Wk 13:  Opposite Action
Wk 14:  Problem Solving
Wk 15-16:  Emotion Mind
Wk 17:  Mindfulness of Emotions

Wk 18-19:  
Break + Private 1:1 Session
Wk 20:  Understanding Obstacles + Clarifying Goals
Wk 21:  Objective Effectiveness
Wk 22:  Relationship Effectiveness
Wk 23:  Self-respect Effectiveness
Wk 24:  Evaluating Options

Investment: AUD $1200 upfront  OR  $65pw payment plan​

Advanced DBT Training

This program carries on from the learnings in DBT Skills Training program for those who are wanting to increase their skills in Mindfulness, Building Relationships, Walking the Middle Path, and Behaviour Change Strategies.

Online  Training (12 weeks)

Wk 1:  Orientation 
Wk 2:  Mindfulness Review
Wk 3:  Mindfulness 
Wk 4:  Building Relationships
Wk 5-6: 
Wk 7-8:  Walking the Middle Path
Wk 9:  Chain Analysis
Wk 10:  Missing-Links Analysis
Wk 11:  Behaviour Change Strategies
Wk 12:  Private 1:1 Session

*This program is only available to those who have completed the 24 week initial DBT training.

Investment: AUD $600 upfront OR $65pw payment plan​


If you have a question that is not listed below please email me HERE or get in touch via Facebook.

Not at all. Mind 4 Growth Coaching is best suited for people who do not need to see a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist but are looking to benefit from the DBT skills training in the privacy of their own home.

Due to the nature of the training the coaching is private, however, having a support network is important for maintaining positive change. Therefore, everyone has the option to join the Facebook community at their own discretion.

As the training is private you can start at any time. 

“I always thought it was me vs. the world until I found it was me vs. me.”

Kendrick Lamar

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